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The Autism and Sensory Parenting Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

Welcome to another great episode where I get the pleasure of interviewing a guest that started on her journey with so many different emotions and has been successful at figuring out what she can do to make tomorrow better.  You are about to hear how she has reframed what success looks like for her family, let go of expectations, and she is now helping others do the same through her Autism Summit.  I was given the pleasure and honor of meeting our guest while being interviewed for the Empowering Autism Summit that is October 27-29th.  Definitely make sure to click on the link in the show notes to grab a seat to that 3 day amazing experience by clicking here!  It is full of fantastic information from 10, yes 10 different speakers, that share their personal journeys and expertise in the area of Autism and helping families thrive and be empowered.

Enjoy the show and also, just a reminder to make sure to follow me on Instagram at Integrate Family and check out my website for some free trainings and handouts to help your child and family.

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