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The Autism and Sensory Parenting Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

Improving the development of our Autistic Children is a huge desire for so many of us.  But, where do we start when there are so many conflicting messages out there?  My guest today decided to make the conscious choice of connecting with her child over countless behavioral strategies and "expert"  recommendations.  Her...

Oct 19, 2020

This is a very special episode indeed!  In this episode I had the opportunity to interview my son that has Autism and sensory processing difficulties.

When he first approached me and said that it would be very important for parents to hear about sensory processing from a child’s point of view I really couldn’t...

Oct 12, 2020

A Mother's Initiative

A mother's initiative and desire to help their child can have ripple effects for their child's life. I am excited for you to listen to the podcast episode today and hear about all of the ways Vidya took initiative to help her child and the many things that they have done to support his ability to...

Oct 5, 2020

Listen in for a hard core, quick and dirty, lesson on the Vestibular System!  Why you ask!?!?  Because, the Vestibular System is a foundational sensory system that makes a HUGE difference in how your child gains new skills! 


  1. What is the Vestibular System?
  2. Why is the Vestibular System so important for our...